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Travel Information

Some interesting links A website catalog of Thessaloniki a detailed presentation of the museums in the city (Thessaloniki was the Cultural Capital of Europe in 1997) Travel in Greece - Greek Hotels - Tour Operators - Lodgings in Greece Matt Barrett's Guides to Greece and the Greek Islands (check out the info on Thessaloniki) Official Site of the Athens 2004 Olympics

Special Airfare prices from Olympic Airways
Olympic Airways has announced special prices for the conference participants. Please, consult this pdf file.

olympic Olympic Airways is the official carrier of the conference.

Thessaloniki is the capital of Macedonia and the second largest city in Greece after Athens. It is also referred to as Salonika. It has an international airport and you can travel to it from Europe, Athens, and several other places in Greece. The airport of Thessaloniki is located 15 km away from the center of the city.

Traveling from Europe: In order to come to Thessaloniki one can catch a flight from the major cities in Europe (usually big cities or European capitals). If this is not convenient, it is possible to take a flight to the new international airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" of Athens, and from there take a domestic flight to Thessaloniki (there are many flights from Athens to Thessaloniki, and vice versa, every day).

Traveling from the rest of the world: An option is to fly to Athens and then to Thessaloniki. However, if you want to avoid customs in Athens, it is better to fly to one of the major European cities and then take a direct flight to Thessaloniki.

From the airport to the city: The center of the city is easily accessible. A public service bus (number 78) leaves the airport almost every half hour. The bus ticket is 0.44 euros. Taxis are also available at all hours of the day. The minimum fare is 1.5 euro and the average fare to the center of the city (and most hotels) with normal traffic is approximately 8-10 euros.