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Tips and Techniques

Overview: ITiCSE attendees have many valuable ideas to share about practical educational approaches that work well for them - a particular assignment, a method of assessment, a class activity, a pedagogical tool. Such ideas may not warrant a full paper at the conference. Therefore, in order to make them available for the entire community, the ITiCSE program will include, for the fourth consecutive year, our popular Tips & Techniques session(s). They consist of short presentations (8 minutes), each of which explains the goal, the application, and the results of a particular tip or technique. Each idea will be supported by a one-page summary that will appear in the proceedings.

The Tips and Techniques to be presented at ITiCSE 2003 are:

Increasing Assignment Motivation Using a Game AI Tournament
          Presenters: Øyvind Kolås and Ivar Farup
          Affiliation: Gjøvik University College, Gjøvik, Norway
Student Empowerment in a Survey Course
          Presenter: Don Goelman
          Affiliation: Villanova University
Assignments that Meet the Needs of Exceptional Students without Disadvantaging the Average
          Presenter: Katrin Becker
          Affiliation: University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"Magic Numbers" Approach to Introducing Binary Number Representation in CS0
          Presenter: Gerald Kruse
          Affiliation: Juniata College
Teaching Java: Using an Object-Oriented Database and the BlueJ IDE
          Presenter: Jim Paterson
          Affiliation: Bell College of Technology, Hamilton, UK
Peer Evaluation in an Algorithms Course
          Presenter: Mary-Angela Papalaskari
          Affiliation: Villanova University
Animations in PDF format
          Presenter: Petr Sojka
          Affiliation: Masaryk University in Brno, Czechoslovakia
Creating Learning Environments that Support Interaction
          Presenter: Kathy Garvin-Doxas
          Affiliation: University of Colorado at Boulder
Using Toolbook authoring tool to facilitate the teaching of algorithms
          Presenter: Hariton Polatoglou
          Affiliation: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece

For more information, please contact Henry M. Walker at