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ITiCSE 2003 Poster Presentation Guidelines*

Posters are informal sessions in which presenters stand next to their poster display and discuss it with other participants. A poster is 45 minutes in length and the presenter should be present the entire session. A poster is not a paper. It should not try to produce all your work, but should provoke questions. Please focus on major findings and leave the details to the full paper, if one is associated with your poster.

Your poster should not be a copy of your paper displayed on the poster board. If you have a full paper associated with the poster, you may want to bring 25 copies of your paper to distribute during the poster session.

A poster is a visual presentation of information. It relies sparingly on verbal print and heavily on graphs, charts, tables, and pictures to communicate information. Please make sure to use colors to attract attention, pictures, diagrams, and figures as appropriate to describe your work.

The title, authors' names, and affiliations should be clearly identified at the top of the poster. The title line(s) should be readable from at least 2 meters away. We suggest the following:

  • Heading/Title: 2.5 cm in height (72 pt)
  • Name(s) and Affiliation(s) of authors: 2 cm in height (48 pt)
  • Body Text: 1 cm in height (28 pt)
You should aim for your presentation to contain no more than 300 words. Please remember that this is an international conference and words such as class, lab, course, etc. may mean different things to different audiences.

Posters will be mounted on poster boards and displayed on easels. Please prepare your poster assuming an area of 150 cm (height) by 110 cm (width). All material including poster boards, easels, glue, tacks, staples will be provided to you at the conference. The only thing you need to bring is your presentation.

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